Common Procedures Performed by a Kid Friendly Dentist in McLean

Posted on: September 7, 2019

Taking your child to a kid-friendly dentist in McLean can help establish a healthy pattern of care. While children have unique dental needs, a dentist fully versed in the development and care of every stage of tooth development can guide parents and children through difficult times. Some of the most common procedures performed by dentists set the foundation for good oral care from infancy through adulthood.

Standard checkups and what to expect at a kid-friendly dentist in McLean

The development children undergo from birth is extraordinary. The body grows and evolves rapidly, giving a person all that is needed to sustain life as an adult. The teeth are a part of this rapid evolution, and babies go from toothless to grinning within just a couple of years. The development of the teeth, gums and jaw are integral to a child’s ability to eat, swallow and speak correctly. The American Dental Association recommends that a dentist check in on this development twice a year to detect and intervene in any problems.

Diagnostic tools detect issues early

There are many methods a kid-friendly dentist in McLean utilizes to help diagnose any anomaly in oral health. X-rays are performed at least once annually, giving dentists a glimpse below the surface of the gums and teeth. These pictures also direct dentists to those areas that may already show signs of decay.

Common procedures performed by the dentist

Regular dental visits may seem routine, especially if there are no issues. The teeth get a thorough scrubbing, and the dentist typically sits down to go over any problems and questions. The dentist will examine the teeth to get a first-hand look at how things are going.

Tooth counting and growth assessment

The dentist wants to ensure teeth are growing properly. Teeth typically come in in a uniform order, and counting them can help the dentist predict what teeth will come in at what age in a child’s development. Counting teeth and making a note of which are wiggly and which have yet to appear are things a dentist commonly does at checkups.

Thorough cleanings

Food and drinks are sugary, and this sweet substance allows harmful and destructive bacteria to adhere to the surface of the tooth. If not cleaned properly, the bacteria festers and eventually sinks into the tooth, creating a cavity. Dentists typically do thorough cleanings using special tools that are not harmful to people. The provider may then demonstrate ways to clean the teeth better at home.

Fillings and dental treatments

One of the most common procedures a dentist performs is filling cavities. Holes in baby teeth may not seem like a big deal; however, when bacteria make it down to the gum, gum loss and root damage to the permanent tooth may occur. When a child has a cavity, it must get treated sooner rather than later.


Knowing what a kid-friendly dentist in McLean can provide for a child is important. Preparing before the first appointment may help a child relax.

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