A Family Dentist Explains How Fluoride Can Protect Your Family’s Smiles

Posted on: August 20, 2019

Wondering if you should choose a family dentist to provide dental services for your entire family? Choosing a dentist who has decided to focus on treating all ages equals convenience. Keeping track of everyone’s dental needs is a much easier process when choosing to go to only one dental office and is just one of the many reasons why busy parents are choosing family dentists with these days. Ready to learn how fluoride can protect your family’s smiles?

About fluoride

Fluoride has no color to it and can exist in solid, liquid and gas forms. It is a mineral compound that naturally exists in soil and water and also exists in certain foods and drinks. Even though small amounts of fluoride exist in water, drinks and foods, this small amount is not enough to fully protect the teeth. Because fluoride helps to protect teeth in a few different ways, fluoride treatments are given to patients during their regular dental cleaning to support the overall health of their teeth.

Why fluoride treatment is important

There are two reasons why fluoride is important when it comes to protecting a family’s smiles. The first reason why fluoride treatments are important is because they help in the prevention of tooth decay. Fluoride treatments are necessary to support the strong enamel required to prevent outside forces from invading the tooth, i.e., sugars, bacteria, acids. This protection is especially important in younger children, as their enamel is still developing. Children who receive fluoride treatments from their family dentist, on a regular basis have a stronger structure of enamel and therefore can expect better protection due to the strengthening of the enamel.

The second reason why fluoride treatments will help to protect smiles is because it supports the process of remineralization. Demineralization is something that happens when the teeth are regularly exposed to harmful acids and specifically attacks the enamel. Fluoride treatments are necessary to help repair the damaged enamel using the remineralization process. Fluoride fights harmful bacteria and strengthens the enamel, playing a large role when it comes to rebuilding a new, protective surface on the teeth.

Consuming fluoride at home

While regular dental fluoride treatments from a family dental are necessary to protect everyone's teeth, there are guidelines that families can follow for consuming fluoride when at home. Recommended daily fluoride amounts for infants is half a milligram or less. Recommended daily fluoride amounts for children between the ages of four and 13 is two mg. Recommended daily fluoride amounts for females aged 14 years or older is three mg. Recommended daily fluoride amounts for males aged 14 years or older is four mg.

Is your family in need of their regular dental cleaning?

Need to make an appointment with our family dentist so that they can have their teeth cleaned? Regular dental cleanings are an essential part of your family’s overall good oral health. Part of the cleaning involves getting fluoride treatments, which helps to protect the teeth and is therefore recommended for every family member. When your family receives fluoride treatments on a regular basis, it helps to protect their smiles, giving them the ability to smile with confidence every single time.

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