Restore a Chipped Tooth With Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding McLean, VA

If you have a broken or chipped tooth as a result of an accident or a fall, one of the procedures that a dentist can do to restore your smile is dental bonding. The bonding process is common, cost-effective, and practical for fixing a chipped tooth. Continue reading to learn more about the process of restoring a chipped tooth with dental bonding.

Overview of dental bonding

Dental bonding involves repairing small areas of damage or discoloration on the tooth with a tooth-colored composite material. The damage may result from an unexpected blow to the mouth, biting down on hard foods or objects, teeth grinding, and other forms of physical abrasions.

How dental bonding works for a chipped tooth

Dental bonding is a straightforward procedure that takes few steps and usually one dental appointment to transform a damaged tooth into a fully functional one. Most dental bonding procedures do not require numbing or local anesthetic.

First, the dentist will perform a thorough dental examination to check the damaged tooth or teeth, the severity of the damage, and any other possible areas that might require attention. This could include taking a dental X-ray to get a complete overview of overall dental health and whether bonding is a viable treatment choice.

After the dentist has assessed the full extent of the injury, they will perform a thorough cleaning on the tooth's surface to prepare it for repair. After the cleaning process, the tooth will be etched with a specific gel or solvent to ensure that the surface binds to the bonding agent properly.

A dental adhesive is then applied to the affected tooth, along with a special tooth-colored resin that matches the appearance of the rest of the teeth. Using either ultraviolet light or a laser, the dentist will harden or cure the resin.

After the composite has hardened, the dentist will polish the material to match the natural luster of the tooth enamel. The entire tooth repair process with dental bonding usually takes around an hour. Patients who have several teeth or require more extensive repairs may need multiple dental visits.

The durability of dental bonding

The dental bonding material has significant strength after it cures completely and can last an average of 8-10 years. However, even the most advanced dental bonding materials are not as durable as natural teeth, so patients who have bonded teeth must take special precautions to ensure the best outcomes for the longest time. This includes home oral hygiene and curbing poor habits like ice or nail chewing.

Restore your smile with dental bonding

Dental bonding can restore your smile if you had an accident that resulted in a chipped or broken tooth or if you had a dental irregularity that you always wanted to repair. Contact the dental office today to get your questions answered or to schedule a consultation appointment. The dentist will examine the tooth and provide recommendations for the best dental health solutions.

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