Got Uneven Teeth? 5 Solutions for Straightening Teeth

Teeth Straightening

Thinking that your uneven teeth need straightening out? When you have teeth that are uneven, it is a good idea to find out your options when it comes to making them straighter. When you have straight teeth, you are much more apt to show them off and to smile more. Having straight teeth is also supportive of good oral health, as they are much easier to clean.

Why crooked teeth are considered bad

Crooked teeth make taking proper care of one’s overall oral health a more difficult process. When the teeth are in their correct position, it is easy to brush and floss them. When they are uneven, it can be easy to miss any spaces between teeth that are not in their correct position. When it is not possible to properly clean the teeth and gum areas, the chance of plaque buildup is high. Once plaque begins to build up on the teeth, risk of gum disease increases.

Five solutions for straightening teeth

The following are five solutions that can help those who have uneven teeth have straighter teeth.

Teeth straightening solution #1 — braces. There are a few braces options available nowadays, including fixed braces and removable aligners.

Teeth straightening solution #2 — veneers. Dental veneers are very thin shells of porcelain that are placed on uneven teeth in order to give them a straighter appearance.

Teeth straightening solution #3 — crowns. Dental crowns are placed over any uneven teeth that are damaged, which makes them stronger and straightens them out.

Teeth straightening solution #4 — bonding. Dental bonding requires an experienced dentist to carefully reshape the teeth using a special bonding material, which allows them to appear straighter.

Teeth straightening solution #5 — contouring. Dental contouring is a process that reshapes the teeth in order to make them appear straighter.

Have any questions we can answer?

We can answer any questions you have about uneven teeth, so please feel free to call us as soon as you can. It is important for your teeth to be as straight as possible, as this supports your good overall dental health. When your teeth are uneven, cleaning them is more difficult. Once plaque starts to form, you will need more dental care services to correct these oral issues. Call us now!

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