Fix Your Smile With Dental Bonding

Dental BondingIf you are looking for a way to fix your smile, dental bonding will likely prove quite effective. Dental bonding will repair your teeth and help prevent additional oral health problems from arising in the upcoming weeks, months, years and decades.

Dental bonding repairs damaged and unsightly teeth, enhancing the look of your smile and reducing the chances for additional oral health challenges down the line. Here is a closer look at how dental bonding will fix a smile and improve your oral health.

Dental bonding will beautify a flawed smile

Patients who chip or crack teeth tend to shy away from smiling as they worry about what others will think of them. Some patients even go as far as lifting their hands over their mouths in an attempt to prevent others from seeing dental imperfections.

The same is true for those who have teeth with irregular shapes. Dental bonding is the solution for all of these problems. Dental bonding can even close those gaps between teeth to make a smile absolutely gorgeous.

The basics of dental bonding

Dental bonding requires the application of a composite material to the damaged tooth. This material looks just like regular teeth. In fact, we can lighten the resin to make the tooth the specific shade of white the patient desires. The dentist then sculpts and shapes the resin so the tooth appears as normal as possible. We then harden the resin material with the assistance of a curing light.

The end result of dental bonding is a smile the patient can be proud of for years to come. After this treatment, the teeth will no longer have unsightly cracks, gashes, stains, blemishes, markings, discoloration or other imperfections. Ask anyone who has a dental bonding procedure and they will undoubtedly testify this procedure really does transform an unsightly smile into one worth putting on display.

Dental bonding bolsters tooth strength

Aside from enhancing tooth function and appearance, dental bonding also improves tooth strength. Consider an instance in which a patient endures an auto accident or a sports injury that damages tooth enamel. Dental bonding can be applied to prevent bacteria from breaching the tooth root and causing a subsequent infection that leads to tooth loss. Dental bonding will do a fantastic job of patching up all of the damaged tooth enamel for a stronger, better-looking tooth.

Additional Ways that dental bonding remedies a flawed smile

The number of uses for dental bonding in the context of oral health is seemingly endless. This oral health solution can also rectify minor misalignment issues, spaced teeth, gum recession and chompers that are crooked. This really is the dental industry's version of a catch-all solution.

Discuss dental bonding with your dentist to determine if it is the optimal oral health solution for your unique mouth. If your dentist suggests dental bonding, do not hesitate to move forward with this procedure. Dental bonding will fix your smile without forcing you to spend an abundance of time in the dentist's chair.

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