Why Implant Restoration Can Improve Your Oral Health

Implant Restoration McLean, VA

Implant restoration can bring back or even enhance your dental health. It may take some time to finish, but it will be a worthwhile investment. This extensive procedure can bring many advantages to your general health as well. If you want to know why implant restoration can improve your oral health, here are the details.

Eliminates physical pain

Many people suffer from chronic pain in the mouth. This may be due to ill-fitting tooth replacements like removable dentures. These dental prostheses sit on the gums. They often put significant pressure on the gums. This causes irritation and pain during chewing and biting. The remaining teeth may feel sore as well because they work harder in dispersing the chew or bite force.

A tooth with severe damage can also be painful. Its infection might already be reaching the jawbone. The dentist will need to extract it and replace it with implant restoration. This procedure can also disperse the biting and chewing forces better. It can help remove the pain.

Improves dental function

Tooth loss can impair one’s capabilities to chew, bite, and speak. Dentures can help improve these functions for a while. But because of jawbone loss and gum recession, these prostheses loosen. The patient then tends to feel apprehensive to perform the mentioned activities. The ill-fitting removable dentures tend to wiggle in the mouth or even fall out.

The pain in having these tooth replacements prevents patients from enjoying simple activities, such as eating. An implant restoration procedure stops the awkwardness, pain, and anxiety. It can bring back the strength in the patient’s bite and chew. This procedure can also improve the person’s speech.

Enhances dental and general nutrition

Regular dentures often prevent patients from eating delicious foods. There is an incomplete sensation of eating. Dentures often need to have metal clasps or an artificial palate to complete the attachment. The obstructive components of removable prostheses remove the pleasure in eating. This lowers nutrient intake and results in poor dental and general nutrition.

Having an implant restoration does not need components like external metal clasps. The components of dental implants are in the jawbone and gum tissue. These do not affect the taste buds and other nerves in the mouth. The patient ends up with good biting and chewing force capable of making eating pleasurable. This allows more nutrients to enter the body.

Prevents dental shifting

Tooth loss results in gaps between teeth. Over time, the neighboring teeth shift toward these spaces to fill them. This removes the balance in the person’s bite and jaw function. When this happens, the upper and lower dental arches do not complement each other anymore. Implant restoration can fill the dental gaps with titanium rods and porcelain implants. It keeps the neighboring teeth in place and the entire mouth stable.

Having a good implant restoration can improve your oral health

Your dentist can help improve your oral health. This could then lead to good general health. Successful dental implants make your diet, speech, and appearance better. One appointment with your dental health provider can determine if you are a good candidate for implant restoration.

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