What to Expect With a Smile Makeover

Posted on: August 10, 2019

A smile makeover is perhaps the major highlight of cosmetic dentistry. The dentist will work closely with the patient to develop a treatment plan that will transform their smile. The dental expert will consider the patient’s unique features, such as hair color, skin tone and facial stricture, and the health of the oral cavity in order to achieve the best result.

What to expect from a smile makeover

There are different cosmetic dental procedures for improving the smile’s appearance, depending on the patient’s condition. The dentist may recommend replacing old amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite fillings or restoring lost teeth with bridges, partial dentures, or dental implants. For gummy smiles or an uneven gum line, a procedure called crown lengthening may be performed to make the teeth look more proportionate.

The dentist may use dental technologies to give patients an overview of what the outcome of the treatment will be, sometimes in 3D. This is achievable through dental imaging software or with models or impressions created with wax or plaster cast. The patient will be able to compare before and after pictures, smile enhancement images or even the mockup composite to ascertain the fit, comfort and appearance.

A smile makeover session may be completed in one session or in multiple dental appointments. The steps typically include the following.

Initial consultation: Every smile makeover starts with a consultation. During the appointment, the cosmetic dentist will consider the patient’s needs, ask about their treatment goals (what to improve, such as shape, color or position) and create a personalized plan that involves dental procedures to help them achieve a better, healthier and more beautiful smile. The dentist will discuss the makeover plan with the patient and help them prepare accordingly.

The patient will undergo a complete examination of the teeth, gums, jawbone and bite and an X-ray of the oral cavity will be done. If oral health issues such as a misaligned bite or gum disease are present, they will be treated before any cosmetic procedure commences.

The dentist will prepare the teeth for procedures such as veneers and crowns and affix temporary restorations to keep the teeth in good shape until the permanent restoration is ready.

That is not all …

Additional dental visits will be necessary to check the temporary restoration for color, contour and position. The patient will be able to discuss what they like or dislike about their new smile.

After the dental lab completes work on the dental restoration, another appointment will be required for placement. After completing treatment, patients must maintain good oral hygiene to ensure that their new smile remains beautiful and in good condition. This includes good dental habits and regular dental visits for cleanings and checkups.

The time required to complete the smile makeover depends on the patient’s cosmetic goals and the dental procedures they will undergo. With complicated treatments, it may take up to a year to completely transform the smile. For example, if dental implants are included, the patient must undergo a period of osseointegration (where implants fuse with the jawbone) before getting the dental crown.

Final note

A beautiful smile can boost your confidence and emotional health, allowing you to smile freely during social interactions and live healthily. If you find yourself smiling less often than usual because you are displeased with the appearance of your smile, then a smile makeover may be in order.

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