Reasons to Choose Implant-Supported Dentures to Replace Missing Teeth

Posted on: March 22, 2019

More people than ever before are choosing implant-supported dentures. With the advances in dentistry over the past few decades, many patients are finding that new technologies have striking advantages over traditional dentures. Dental implants are incredibly useful for replacing missing teeth with substitutes that look, feel, and work like the real thing.

There are a number of key reasons to choose implant-supported dentures over traditional dentures when replacing missing teeth.

Comfort and convenience

Traditional dentures rest on the gums. On the other hand, implant-supported dentures are secured directly into the jawbone, so they feel more like real teeth. They do not move when speaking, eating or drinking, which leads to greater patient satisfaction.

Because the dentures are attached to the secured implants, they do not slip out of place like traditional dentures. Comfort is a major factor in the growing number of patients preferring dental implants.

Additionally, patients often turn to dental adhesives to help keep traditional dentures in place. Often, these adhesives do not work effectively, and they can have very unpleasant tastes. Dental implants require no adhesives because they do not use the gums for support, eliminating the hassle and discomfort.

Improved diet

Because implant-supported dentures work much like real teeth, patients can return to their normal diets. Some foods, like apples, can be difficult to eat with traditional dentures. In some cases, traditional dentures may even dislodge and get stuck in food. Tougher foods like steak or corn on the cob are unavailable to those wearing traditional dentures. With implants, these foods pose no problem.

Bone and gum health

Traditional dentures fit over the gums, so they can wear away the gums with time. Additionally, they do nothing to prevent bone loss. When a tooth root is removed, the bone around it can deteriorate and lose volume. With implant supported dentures, the implants simulate real roots and prevent this bone loss. Because they do not rely on the gums, they also prevent damage to them.

No worries

Traditional dentures can often be awkward or even embarrassing. They can shift out of place or even slip out entirely. With implant-supported dentures, these worries are alleviated. Implants remain securely in place, so no one has to be ashamed of their teeth or worry about an embarrassing accident.

Dental implants also do not affect speech like traditional dentures often can. And because implant-supported dentures look, feel, and work like real teeth, they improve the overall appearance and make daily life easier. This can greatly improve someone’s quality of life and overall happiness.


Traditional dentures can break or wear away. They have to be replaced as often as every decade. Implant-supported dentures are far more resilient and require much less maintenance. This saves the cost of trips to the dentist, creams and replacement. While implants have a higher up-front cost, they often make up for this in the long term.


If you are struggling with traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures may be a better choice for you.

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