Popular Types of Dental Restorations

Dental Restorations McLean, VA

A dental restoration is used to replace or rebuild missing or damaged teeth. Popular restorations used in dentistry include crowns, fillings, composite resin, implants, dentures and bridges.

There are myriad things that can damage teeth and their structures, like tooth decay, trauma to the face and gum disease. Habits like teeth grinding or opening packages with teeth can also end up damaging them.

Dental restorations used in dentistry

Dentists often recommend restorations based on factors like the location of the damaged tooth, how severe the damage is and any time or budget constraints that the patient has. Here is how family dentists use these restorations.


These are one of the most affordable restorations used in dentistry and are primarily used to fill up cavities created by tooth decay. The application of fillings is a quick treatment that usually takes less than 45 minutes for each tooth. Fillings can be made out of porcelain, silver amalgam, composite resins or gold.

Composite bonding

Here is another affordable treatment that can be used to restore and rebuild teeth that have been damaged by decay or trauma. The putty-like composite is applied to the patient's tooth in layers, then molded as desired. The dentist uses a curing light to harden it to finish up the process. The composites used are mixtures of glass and plastics. Their color can be matched with the patient's teeth, so any repairs made will blend in.


These are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over the visible part of teeth. They are the most versatile restoration used in dentistry and provide cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. A crown looks like a real tooth and protects the tooth that it covers from bacteria in the mouth and bite forces. The installation of crowns typically takes two trips to the dentist, but the results last the longest. A crown can last over 25 years if the wearer practices good oral hygiene.


A bridge is a set of false teeth that cover up the gaps created by multiple missing teeth right next to each other. Bridges are often anchored down on the two teeth closest to the space on either side. They are called abutments and might be covered with crowns to provide extra support for the bridge. The installation of a bridge also requires two trips to the dentist.


Veneers are like partial crowns. These restorations only cover up the front part of teeth, but they are as effective as crowns when it comes to covering up imperfections. Veneers are popular with dentists performing smile makeovers due to their ability to transform lackluster smiles into more desired ones.

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