Important Children’s Dentist Preventive Treatments and Visits

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A children’s dentist can help to set up your child for a healthy smile for life. It is important to take in your child for preventative visits and treatments. There are several treatments that a dentist might have for your child. Keep reading to learn about more of those.

Dental cleanings and wellness checks

Good oral care will help to protect the overall health of a child. Of course, flossing and brushing regularly are important. But visiting the dentist for a cleaning and exam every six months is also an important aspect. The child should see the dentist when the first tooth comes in or no later than a year old. This is a good time for the parent to ask the children’s dentist questions about any issues or changes. The dentist can also offer the parent tips on how to properly clean the child’s teeth.

During a regular checkup, the children’s dentist can look at the gums and teeth. The dentist can see if there are signs of gum disease or tooth decay. In many cases, the child will receive an X-ray. That way, the dentist can see the whole mouth, like the roots of the teeth.

During a regular visit, the teeth will also be cleaned. The goal is to remove plaque, which is a film of bacteria. The hardened plaque, or tartar, will also be removed. It is vital to get rid of these substances since these can cause tooth decay and gum disease. The tartar and plaque can be removed only by a dentist.

Getting fluoride treatments

It has been found that fluoride can reduce cavities for children. It needs to be placed on the surface of the tooth to make it stronger and resist decay better. This will also help to repair the earliest signs of tooth decay before it even becomes visible. It only takes a few minutes for a children’s dentist to do a fluoride treatment. This will just be painted on the surface of the teeth.

The child cannot eat, drink, or rinse for about half an hour after the treatment. That will allow them to better absorb the mineral. Depending on the child’s oral health and family history, the dentist might recommend regular treatments. These might be done once a year or as often as every three months.

Getting dental sealants

A dental sealant can give the child’s teeth more protection against bacteria in the mouth. It can also help to prevent cavities on the tooth’s biting surface. Once the tooth is sealed, the nooks and crannies will become smoother. That will make them less likely to have bacteria in them.

Visit a children’s dentist today

Your child’s dentist can help you decide on the right kinds of treatments to get. Many of the procedures only take a few minutes. These can be done during the regular dental exam. Making an appointment today can help you improve your child’s oral health.

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