How Implant Supported Dentures Can Improve Your Facial Structure

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There are many benefits when it comes to implant supported dentures. These dentures are not likely to move around in your mouth as you chew. The dentures are also often more comfortable to wear. However, one benefit that many people enjoy is the fact that these dentures can improve your facial structure.

Restoring facial structure

A patient’s bones need calcium to prevent bone loss. If the body believes that the jawbone is no longer functioning, then the body will take calcium out of the jawbone to place in other places in the body. The bone can be reabsorbed after the patient loses teeth because the teeth stimulate the bone. Without the stimulation that the teeth provide, the body will believe that the jawbone is no longer useful.

This can negatively affect the appearance of a patient’s facial structure. This causes many people with tooth loss to have a sunken facial appearance, which can significantly impact the look of the face. The chin can appear to be smaller as well. It is critical to keep the jaw strong to maintain a facial appearance. Dental implants can help patients after losing one or more teeth.

How implant supported dentures help

When dental implants are placed in the jawbone, a titanium post is placed under the gums and secured to the jawbone. The bone in the jawbone will integrate with the post so that the post will be secure in the jawbone. This takes time, but it will help the post to be secure. As the patient eats, the implant will move in the jawbone ever so slightly. This provides a stimulation that can tell the body that the jawbone is useful. The body will not reabsorb the bone then.

Bone loss can start as soon as a patient loses teeth. This means that it is important to replace missing teeth quickly. Patients can lose as much as a quarter of the width of the bone within the first year of tooth loss. Getting implant supported dentures as soon as possible is very important to prevent the bone from being lost. Bone grafting is an option for patients who have already lost bone in the jaw, but it requires more time for the patients.

The osseointegration process after getting dental implants can last for several months. A patient may get a temporary denture to wear during this time. The implant will begin to stimulate the patient’s jawbone as soon as it is put into place. This can stop the bone reabsorption process immediately. The new dentures can then be secured to the implants later.

Visit a dentist today

Dental implants are the closest that you can get to restoring your natural teeth. Implant supported dentures can help you support your facial structure. Because dental implants preserve your facial structure, it is important to get them as soon as you have missing teeth. Contacting a dentist can help you get started with preserving the bone in your jaws.

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