How Do Dentists Treat a Broken Tooth?

A broken tooth represents much more than a mere inconvenience. Broken teeth are a direct threat to your oral health and your biological health as a whole. Thankfully, we have the skills and tools to treat your broken teeth. If one of your teeth breaks, it might be necessary to wait a full day or longer before you can see the dentist.

Alternatively, if the break is significant or if several teeth break, you should do everything possible to meet with an emergency dentist right away. Below, we explain what dentists can do to treat broken teeth so they are visibly appealing and functional in the years to come.

How Minor Chips are Repaired

A tooth with a minor chip is not a dental emergency. We can remedy such a chip with dental bonding. This approach requires the placement of layering upon a sturdy, tooth-hued material that restores the shape of the tooth. This procedure only take a single appointment. The bonding material looks just like regular teeth as its shade is similar to that of adjacent teeth.

While such bonding material can wear away as time progresses and require eventual replacement, it will serve as a fantastic chip repair solution. Minor chips can even be repaired with porcelain veneers that cover the full front of the tooth rather than the chipped portion.

Repairing Significant Breaks is Easier Than You Most Expect

If the break is large, the repair process will prove more challenging. Large chips that have not exposed or affected the pulp portion of the tooth will likely require a crown or veneer. The placement of such a restoration will likely require at least two visits. The dentist will shape the remaining structure before adding a crown or veneer.

Professionals will make the permanent restoration in a dental lab. The dentist will apply a temporary restoration like a crown or veneer. Once the permanent restoration is ready, it will go on your tooth and you will barely notice the difference from the other natural teeth.

Root Canals and Crowns for Broken Teeth

Do not delay your visit to the dentist's office if the chip is considerable and exposes/damages tooth pulp. Such a break will likely be quite painful and undoubtedly necessitate prompt care. A crown will be necessary along with root canal therapy. Such a procedure requires the removal of the infected or exposed pulp tissue from the interior of the tooth. It will also be necessary to seal the inner portion, known as the pulp chamber, as well. It will also be necessary to seal the thin canals that move on down through the roots.

While the root canal procedure might sound a bit complicated, it is routine work for an experienced dentist. Do not be afraid of a root canal to remedy your broken tooth. This procedure is performed with local anesthesia. It does not feel any different than a cavity filling yet it will likely take a bit longer than the filling of a cavity.

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