A Guide To Treating Cracked and Broken Teeth

Posted on: July 15, 2018

broken teeth

Dealing with one or more broken teeth? Or maybe you have a cracked tooth and not quite sure what to do? You are not alone as broken and cracked teeth are a relatively common dental problem. There are a couple of reasons why you may start to experience various types of damages to your teeth. The first reason is that you are not providing your mouth with the proper dental care, which includes brushing and flossing your teeth a minimum of two times a day. The second reason could be due to some medications that you may be currently taking, which can have an adverse effect on your overall dental health.

A guide to treating cracked and broken teeth

While our teeth are indeed robust, there are many ways that they can be damaged. Depending on the type of damage someone experiences is going to determine whether or not they will need to seek emergency dental services or not. To understand whether or not a damaged tooth is considered to be a dental emergency, an emergency dentist should be contacted as soon as possible after the damage has taken place.

The following is a great guy that someone can follow when it comes to treating any cracked or broken teeth of that they may have.

Treating cracked teeth – when a tooth is cracked, it will often require emergency dental care. A crack in someone’s tooth can damage the tooth’s pulp, which can cause the tooth to die. Because it is vital for everyone to keep their natural teeth as long as possible, emergency dental services are required when someone experiences a crack in one or more of their teeth.

Treating broken teeth – there a few different types of broken teeth, chipped teeth and split teeth being two of the more popular types of tooth damages someone will experience in their lifetime. When someone gets a small chip in one of their teeth, they will need to thoroughly rinse their mouth and call the dentist for an appointment. If the chip is large and causing any pain, then an emergency trip to the dentist is necessary. Chipped teeth can often be fixed using dental bonding.

Need to make an appointment to fix your damaged teeth?

If you have any broken teeth or cracks in your teeth, then you need to make a dental appointment for some tooth repair. The longer you wait to repair any damages to your teeth, the more likely it is that a dentist will not be able to save your tooth. And it is in your best interest to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible, as they are meant to last your entire lifetime. Ready to get started so you can be on your way to improved dental health? Great! We hope to hear from you today so we can help.

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