5 Reasons To Choose Implant Supported Dentures

Posted on: November 22, 2017

Implant Supported DenturesWhen many hear the word dentures, the first thing that comes into our minds is the removable dentures that are often a point of comic relief in movies, but there is another option: Implant Supported Dentures.

These are dentures that are held securely in place with titanium implants that are attached to your jaw bone. That means you get a secure and more comfortable fit that stays in place. That is completely different from the kind of fit you get when you use traditional dentures that are held in place using suction forces and dental adhesives.

Let’s take a look at five reasons to choose implant supported dentures over traditional ones:

1. Easier To Clean

Using traditional dentures certainly takes some getting used to giving how much time you have to spend cleaning, inserting, and constantly adjusting them. On the other hand, implant supported dentures stay in place once they are attached to your mouth, so cleaning them is no more time consuming than cleaning your natural teeth.

2. Will Not Scare People Away

Having your dentures lying around the house can lead to some rather uncomfortable situations. Just imagine all the questions your grandkids will have when they realize you take your teeth out before going to bed.

Or even worse, imagine what will go through your date’s mind when the person stumbles upon your dentures!

You would be better off getting your dentures installed and not have to worry about them any longer.

3. Allows You To Eat Regular Foods

It can be quite difficult to eat certain foods when you have traditional dentures. That is because the suction forces and adhesives that are used to keep them in place are not strong enough to keep them secure. They are constantly moving around when you eat. That makes it hard to eat certain foods like apples or corn on the cob since you could very well end up with your dentures stuck on your food.

4. Boosts Self-Confidence

There are many little things we all do daily that help us to feel good about ourselves. This can be anything from getting a new haircut or hairstyle, wearing nice clothes or having properly groomed nails. Feeling great about the appearance of your smile can also be a confidence booster. Implant supported dentures look more natural than traditional dentures, plus you do not have to constantly worry about your dentures falling out.

5. Reduces Bone Loss

Implant supported dentures do not just offer comfort and improved aesthetics. These are also the better option for your health. When you use traditional dentures for extended periods of time, there is a possibility of bone loss since your jaw bone is no longer being used for support. The possibility of bone loss is significantly reduced when you opt for implant supported dentures. That is a huge benefit given the detrimental effects bone loss can have on your appearance.

These are just five of the many reasons you should consider getting implant supported dentures. Schedule an appointment with Oak Tree Dental to find out more.

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